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What are the 5 mottos a caregiver should know in order to survive anything?

Becoming a caregiver was a no-brainer for you. You like people and want to offer them the attention, care, and the listening ear they need. In spite of the strength and motivation that drive you, your optimism really takes a hit during the more challenging shifts. You are only human, and seeing difficult days in perspective is not always easy. Discover the 5 positive mindsets for a caregiver, which will keep your morale high in any circumstance… or almost every circumstance!
5 devises qu'un soignant doit connaître pour survivre à tout

My work stays at work

Whether a nurse, care assistant, or midwife, you experience strong emotions on a daily basis and your everyday routine is anything but dull. Between the routine tasks, the patient discharges that bring comfort to your heart, and the bad news interspersed throughout your shifts, at times you are pushed to your psychological limit.

To help support you on strenuous days, and to allow you to face the days ahead, perfectly equipped, always remember that work must stay at work.

Your days at work are long enough - there's no point dwelling on an unpleasant event after you get home. Switching off will allow you to make the most of your free time and to enjoy time with your loved ones, while going about your everyday life as a caregiver with a greater sense of calm.

I cannot solve every problem

For patients, you represent a sympathetic ear and a smiling face that stands in contrast to doctors, who are often pressed for time. Even if you appear to hold the solution to every problem, this is not the case. In order that you can flourish in your everyday life as a caregiver, accept that you will sometimes be absent, imperfect, or may have to delegate.

You are not responsible for all of your patients' ills. They have to know this, but so too must you.

Do your very best, with a smile on your face, and perhaps even with a good dose of humour, and this in itself will go a long way.

Life is neither easy nor fair

If life were fair, there would be no sick children and no-one suffering or fighting against serious illness. Unfortunately, life is sometimes adept at bringing tears to your eyes, and circumstances can be very sad, leaving you asking yourself why you wanted to become a nurse or caregiver in the first place.

You learned it during your studies and your placement, but remember this positive mindset: whether faced with good health or illness, justice does not exist. There's nothing you can do about it.

I have the right to take a break

Between incredibly busy days and additional hours, it feels like you haven't seen your home or your partner for a long time. Always available and ready to serve, you agree to every favour that is asked of you.

Like everyone, you have the right to a break, even if staff numbers are reduced and people are telling you that nothing would function correctly without you.

Your health also depends on it. Cling on to this positive thought during a difficult day: after this task, I am taking a moment for myself!

A coffee break, a day off, or a few days of actual rest will do you the world of good.

I am not alone in this situation

In spite of the fact that all the other care staff are working around you, you feel like you're the only one who has reached their limit and facing one problem after another.

A stubborn patient, a lack of equipment, difficulty correctly performing a simple task such as the fitting of a drip - in short, nothing is working today.

Take a few seconds to relax yourself and clear your head. All a positive thought to run through your mind: I am not alone in this situation.

Your colleagues no doubt put on a brave face, however, if nothing is going right for you, the chance that their shift is running perfectly is slim.

View things in perspective. Breathe. Give yourself a few minutes of relief. Smile and see out your day as best you can. Tomorrow is a new day. Feeling better? Of course you are.

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