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The Seven magical powers of caregivers

As a caregiver, your work causes you to demonstrate multiple skills that only you hold the secret to. Unfortunately, your superpowers have become too apparent and must be shared with the rest of the world! Discover the seven magical powers of caregivers which show that the medical field is made up of extraordinary people with hearts of gold.

The power to decipher handwriting

The average person has always believed that a doctor's handwriting was illegible in order to preserve some kind of secrecy between medical professionals.

Just like pharmacists, caregivers decipher all sorts of scribbles.

Whether it's just a habit or a gift, no one knows, but without them, what's written on a prescription would remain a well-kept secret.

The power of a strong stomach

The smell in a hospital would turn most of our stomachs.

With its mix of disinfectants, food and medication, the medical environment is truly unique.

Entering the rooms of some patients sometimes offers a rather unpleasant array of odours.

However, a caregiver never gets nauseated. They're able to keep working with a smile, as if it were nothing.

Is it an olfactory issue or, on the contrary, an extremely selective sense of smell?

The ability to put on an constant smile

Aggressive, violent, the questioning of skills...patients are lovely, except for some.

As a caregiver, you have a great capacity for taking it all in stride (most of the time!) with a pleasant smile.

That's why patients love you so much, because you put up with their bad behaviour without complaining, even though they sometimes feel guilty about it.

A gift for multiplication

The bell from Room 5 rings. Your watch starts beeping because it's time to change the bandages in Room 4. A colleague calls you for help from the pharmacy. You continue to calmly replace the IV drip in Room 7, all while knowing that in about 15 minutes, you'll also have completed your other tasks.

But how are you able to be everywhere all at once? Some people think you move faster than the speed of light or that you've cloned yourself, but in reality, you're really just a super caregiver who takes their job seriously!

The presence of a really strong bladder

Who has never been distracted from their work by a pressing need to use the toilet? Endless meetings, manual tasks on the job site or lack of time are all reasons why your bladder is often about to burst.

But caretakers don't seem to suffer from this problem. You learn to ignore your bodily needs as easily as you give your attention and hand out smiles.

For this, we thank you. But don't ignore the need to take care of yourself.

The genius of a permanently activated lie detector

As much as you show altruism and compassion, people don't always show it in return! Unbearable pain or the inability to wait their turn are some of the lies your patients tell you that make you smile as much as they annoy you.

You know people and their shortcomings all too well. This aptitude gives you the superpower of not being easily manipulated.

The patience of a Tibetan monk

Your ultimate power is, no doubt, also the most envied: You maintain your composure in any circumstance and demonstrate rock-solid patience.

But how do you keep from becoming upset with an unruly patient or one who is trying to get you to pay more attention to them?

You were made to be a caregiver and get through the most difficult circumstances and situations with a smile and a desire to do it all again the next day. Bravo and thank you!

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