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Top 6 unbelievable situations experienced by a caregiver

Whether you're a nurse, a caregiver or a midwife, you could write a book of anecdotes all by yourself. Unforgettable patients, endless days, exasperating colleagues and serial technical problems are part of your everyday life. Becoming a caregiver has always been a vocation for you, but some days you still wonder what kind of an adventure you have embarked on. Discover the top 6 unbelievable situations experienced by a caregiver.
Top 6 des situations rocambolesques vécues par un soignant

The patient who is a medical expert themself

Annoying, funny or endearing? It all depends on your level of fatigue, but when you're looking after a patient who wants to teach you your profession, you have to admit that this really makes you rage.

Commenting on your way of giving an infusion, questioning how experienced you are, refusing a certain drug, etc. are all times when you need to stay calm.

Being a caregiver and going about your job with real commitment requires patience and also a certain amount of humour and willingness to educate. Tell yourself that the most stressed and stress-creating patients are not always the worst!

Finding it hard to keep a straight face

Do you have the results of my autopsy? I only drink beer, no alcohol. My wife has lost her bones? Medical vocabulary sometimes poses a problem.

Do you tend to act as if you hadn't noticed anything or do you usually correct the speaker? Do you even manage to keep a straight face?

This kind of unbelievable situation is one of the worst, but also one of the best, because you really need a little humour when you are a nurse, caregiver or midwife.

The inevitable hazing in a new job

You still remember your first few days being a caregiver. For some of you, you could have happily chucked it all in right there and then, as joining a new team can sometimes be like a hazing.

Having to bring a meal tray to the room of a deceased patient or being tasked with washing somebody who has just died is all part and parcel of the jokes played on newcomers.

This kind of hazing can make other people laugh when they hear about it, but for a new carer they're a sometimes disturbing experience.

The positive point is that you immediately how well you can laugh at yourself. You will no doubt have the opportunity to laugh when the time comes.

Patients ringing for you all the time

The curse of the bells isn't a myth.

When one patient's bell starts flashing, the others light up within seconds. After too many all at once, the dead calm can last for hours.

Similarly, the patient who says they don't want to be disturbed will is always the one who rings the bell most often. So yeah, you guessed it, you need to pay even more attention to those who never call!

The caregiver and their role as confidant

You are a caregiver because you love people. However, you didn't expect to become such a listening ear. With all your goodwill and your generous, caring nature, you inspire confidence and you're always a patient's favourite confidant.

Unfortunately, you can't spend your day chatting with the lady from number 42, even if her stories about when she was young might fascinate you. So what's the best way to react? Cut the conversation short, but promise to come back soon!

Pharmacy hell

You hate having to go to the pharmacy. Just like with patients' bells, there are theories about the inevitable curse of the pharmacy.

Why is the medication you need missing? Why when you finally find it is it expired? Why do you always have to go to the pharmacy urgently when you are about to end your shift?

Have you ever experienced any crazy situations as a caregiver? We'll take your word for it, because the medical world expects so much more of you than just treating and caring for patients.

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